Lead for world Class performance

John Buchanan is the Director and owner of Buchanan Success Coaching – a business designed to enhance corporate success through the winning lessons from sport.

With over 30 years in international coaching, education and organisational management, John brings this experience and wisdom to his role as Peak Performance Strategist.

 complimentary Mini Course

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This short video series will provide you with an insight into how to lead better and how to lead for world class performance or peak performance through becoming a better coach.

This short course is designed to encourage you to subscribe to my online course on the same topic, in which there are many more videos and resources to help you become more successful as a leader.

I hope you enjoy these tips and that you will join me in the online course, "How to Lead your team to World Class Success” - being able to lead for world class performance.

complimentary Mini Course

Who should take It?

Any Leader who has a team of direct reports and wants to take them to the top.

Any Coach who has a team including support staff, and is seeking long-term, world class success.

Emerging and experience leaders who want to improve their game in any sector or industry - business, sport or not-for-profit (NFP).

This is NOT a course for a Leader or Coach who believes they know everything about leading or coaching a team.

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